Fitness Coaching

“Fitness” means something different to everyone, but we can all agree that when you do more of it, it increases your overall health and well-being.

Being fit isn’t just about your appearance, it’s about being healthy from the inside out and working on all aspects: mind, body, & spirit.

The gateway to the mind is through nutrition and fitness and once those areas are strong, you can truly step into your authentic power. By working out, eating well, making healthy choices, and surrounding yourself with a positive tribe, you’re more likely to stick with it and keep working toward your goals.

Erica hosts monthly, Saturday boot camps at Shape It Up Fitness and here’s what she had to say about what adding fitness has done for her: 

“By nature I am timid, reserved, and a little shy.
What fitness has done for me, is it’s brought the real me forward.
What do I mean by that,
you ask?


•It’s allowed me to keep pushing through a challenge, even though it gets hard.
•It’s allowed me to stand
up for what I believe in.
•It’s allowed me to fight back
and use my voice.
•It’s given me inner confidence and
I feel powerful in the gym and in life.”
We’re here to help you start
your journey to
fitness, fierceness, and fulfillment. 


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Meet the Coaches


Owner/Nutrition Coach

If you would have asked Beth 5 years ago what her dream job would have been… there is no way that she would have said helping other people get healthy.  If you ask her now, she will answer that she’s living her dream.  Healthy can be fun, tasty, and great for you.  She teaches others how to live a healthy, active lifestyle, is currently down 38 pounds, and able to have the energy to play with her young son.  She also works Herbalife around owning a travel agency.

“I have been able to create a flexible time schedule that works for me, around my family.  
I love what I do every day.”



Owner/Nutrition/Fitness Coach

In 2011, Erica found herself exhausted with the physical demands of working and being a mom–she somehow lost touch with her identity, desires, and her sense of self. It wasn’t until she started eating healthier and making fitness a priority, that she was able to fully transform. She’s also a natural figure competitor and uses all Herbalife products.

“I was at a place in my life where I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I want to help moms start their journey to fitness, fierceness, and fulfillment… and create a life that’s fit for purpose. It isn’t about your appearance (that’s a bonus), it’s about being healthy from the inside out and working on all aspects: mind, body, & spirit.”



Nutrition Coach

Katie was an exhausted, burnt out Veterinary Technician looking for a change of direction.  She stumbled upon the greatest opportunity through an invite to a nutrition club where she found endless possibilities and the changes she needed.  Katie works part-time out of her home connecting with others looking for a change in the right direction of a healthy, active lifestyle. In her free time she practices yoga of all kinds. 
“I never knew my true passions would be through fitness and health.  Now I enjoy my workouts thoroughly and truly look forward to helping others find theirs!”